The Federation of Italian American Organizations of Brooklyn, Ltd.


To preserve the Italian American heritage and culture, to promote and inspire a positive image and legacy of Italian Americans; to strengthen the ties that bind one generation to the next, to create stronger relationships within our multi-cultural society.

We Embrace Our Community

We are a nonprofit organization. 

Truly charitable

The Federation of Italian American Organizations of Brooklyn, Ltd. (FIAO), an IRS 501©3 not for profit charitable organization, has for the past forty-three years been a unifying force in the many diverse communities of New York.

Programs & Services

FIAO has created and fostered a wide range of programs and services to assist all residents find the resources they need to truly experience the benefits offered by our society and celebrate one’s own heritage in a multi-cultural society.

We are a Community.

We are bringing cultures together.

Something Special

Special intercultural activities include Hispanic Heritage month; Italian Cultural month; Diwali; Holiday street lights; Lunar New Year, to name a few. To further expand on our goals, FIAO organizes a youth panel that researches and embraces the rich diverse cultural celebrations within our community.

Our History

An Immigrant’s Journey

Just as millions of immigrants did when they arrived in Brooklyn from Italy, recent arrivals like Salvatore Randazzo, Lin Chen, Mannes Francois, Ivan Riechek, and Jacinta Sapatanza spoke no English, didn’t have a job, were separated from immediate family by continents and oceans, and were afraid of new cultures, a new language and customs.

But unlike our decades ago immigrant parents and grandparents, the families of Francesco of Italy, Lin of China, Mannes of Haiti, Ivan of Odessa, and Jacinta of Ecuador were helped in their quest for the American dream by the programs and support provided by the Federation of Italian American Organizations of Brooklyn.

Our History

Building A Legacy

Since 1976 FIAO, a not for profit charitable community service organization, has been a leader in bridging the rich diversity of our multicultural communities by delivering FREE programs and services to help improve the quality of life for all children, youth, families and seniors.

Family workers and counselors provide needed social services in our offices. Teachers and staff serve thousands of young participants’ development in more than twenty after school programs with academic enrichment, cultural arts and recreation. Volunteers continue to facilitate neighborhood improvement, community alliance building, senior enrichment initiatives, and inter-culture awareness and preservation, with such activities like the Annual Brooklyn Columbus Parade, Multicultural Celebrations, Thanksgiving Food Drives, Holiday Toys and Clothing Distributions.

Our History

A Foundation for Generations

With its long tradition of success in supporting and enriching lives with FREE quality services and programs, FIAO built Il Centro, a modern state-of-the-art cultural community center in Southern Brooklyn. Il Centro is the focal point of the wide range of services provided and the continued outreach to the always expanding local community.

With its technologically advanced offices and classrooms, leading edge fitness facility, epicenter gymnasium, sixth floor swimming pool with a breathtaking view, and elegant event space, Il Centro provides the entire community with greater opportunities in services, in health and wellness, in education and in promoting unity in our multicultural society while perpetuating the highest ideals of Americanism.

Support FIAO

FIAO is committed to promoting and preserving the Italian-American culture, providing educational opportunities to youth, and offering essential social services to those in need. With your help, we can continue to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families in our community. Whether you make a one-time donation or become a monthly supporter, your contribution will help FIAO continue its vital work. Join us in making a difference and supporting our mission today!