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Healthy and Active Kids is the goal of our Programs

Keep your kids healthy and active with Il Centro Kids Fitness Programs

Our programs are designed to help children develop a lifelong love of fitness, with fun activities that promote socialization, strength, coordination, and endurance. Join us today and watch your child thrive!

We Have A State-Of-The-Art Fitness Center

Instructors that help kids grow

Kids Love Our Instructors

Give your kids the gift of fitness in a fun and safe environment. Our trained instructors will lead them through engaging classes that promote health and wellness while having a blast. Join us today and watch your child’s confidence and physical abilities soar!

Convenient and Flexible Fitness for Kids

With our drop-in classes and mobile app registration, parents can easily fit fitness into their kids’ schedules. No need to commit to a set schedule or worry about missing a class. Il Centro Kids Fitness Program is designed to be convenient and flexible for busy families.

Classes that fit your busy schedule

Keeping Kids Engaged

Keep Kids moving and engaged

Keeping kids active and entertained is easier with Il Centro Kids Fitness Program. Our program is designed to make exercise fun, so your child stays engaged and motivated. Give your child the gift of health and happiness with our exciting fitness program today!

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Fitness with a Fun Twist

Our kids fitness programs provide a fun way to learn diverse sports, improve their skills, and keep fit all while having fun and socializing with their peers.

Generation POUND®

The program fuses movement and music to improve focus, coordination, physical fitness and teamwork skills for “Rockstars in Training,” ages 6-12. Instructors use Ripstix®–POUND’s lightly weighted exercise drumsticks–to learn alternative ways to explore movement.

Martial Arts

This program uses traditional martial arts moves with activities, challenges, and games to ensure the child completes a full exercise routine while also having fun. Their mind and body will be developed while releasing energy in a healthy, positive environment. 

PicklEball Clinics

Our pickleball clinics are for beginner and intermediate players, teaching kids the basics, skills, and strategy behind America’s fastest growing sport, using drills and games to help them learn and improve while having LOTS of fun.

Tiny Hoops

Children will be introduced to basketball mechanics and skills like dribbling and shooting. They will also participate in fun activities to improve physical fitness. Open to boys and girls.


Children will be introduced to volleyball mechanics and skills such as serving, setting, and bumping the ball. They will also participate in fun activities to improve physical fitness. Open to boys and girls.

Zumba Kids®

The program features kid-friendly routines based on original Zumba® choreography. Games, activities and cultural exploration elements are added to favorite music.

Class Schedules are subject to change. Members can register for classes via Il Centro Mobile.

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