Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a Membership Trial?

Perspective members are able to experience Il Centro Community Center with our one-day trial pass. This pass will give perspective members access to the fitness center, fitness classes, and our courts. Use of the pool is not available on a trail pass. The pool use is reserved for active members only.

Can I Cancel My Membership?

Members may cancel their contract without penalty for any of the following reasons:

  • Upon a doctor’s written order, if the member cannot physically receive the services because of significant physical disability for a period of six consecutive (6) months (doctors written order is required).
  • If the member dies, the member’s estate shall be relieved of any further obligations for payment under this contract not then due and owing.
  • If the member changes primary residence more than twenty-five (25) miles from member’s current primary residence (proof of new address required).

If members cancel their contract before the commitment period expires for reasons other than stated above, the member will be charged a cancellation fee of no less than 50% of the remaining value of the committed term.

All money paid pursuant to this Agreement shall be refunded within fifteen (15) business days of receipt of such prior written notice of cancellation.

What Happens If There is scheduled maintenance?

Members are advised that scheduled maintenance shutdowns and announced repairs are included in the membership and no extensions or refunds shall be granted unless it is for unforeseen reasons as identified by Il Centro Community Center management.

What Happens if i cannot use the facility?

Failure to use our facilities will not relieve members of the obligation to pay any balance due for membership fees and/or forfeit the balance of time remaining on the terms for the membership agreement. Members may cancel their contract upon a doctor’s written order, if the member cannot physically receive the services because of significant physical disability for a period of six consecutive (6) months.

What form of Payment is Accepted for membership?

We accept Master Card, Visa, and American Express for membership payment. Membership payment is automatically process on the 1st day of every month. If payment cannot be processed a late payment fee will be added to the monthly membership payment. 

What is included in the Membership?

Membership includes access to weekly group fitness classes, open court hours, open swim hours, and fitness center hours.

Members receive registration discounts and priority access for educational, art and culture classes; group swim classes; swim team prep and jr. water polo; sports leagues and clinics; and additional enrichment offerings.

Members receive discounts to special premium events and event space rentals.

Family members receive access to our indoor parking garage on a first come first serve basis.

Do you offer Guest Passes?

We do not offer guest passes of any kind. Non-Members are welcome to join programs or classes that are open to the public. A non-member fee may be charged.

Do you offer a membership for children?

Children can join Il Centro Community Center as an individual member. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present to complete the membership agreement in-person.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer seasonal membership promotions available to new members. 

Do you accept insurance?

We partner with Silver Sneakers and Renew Active. Perspective members must provide all necessary documentation including the Silver Sneakers ID number or Renew Active ID Number; to take advantage of these partnerships. Approval is not guaranteed. Please connect with Il Centro Community Center member services for more information.

Can I pause or freeze my membership?

Any member subscribed to the Annual (12 Month) membership may put his/her membership on hold (“freeze”) for any reason for a minimum of one month, or a maximum of 3 months. Members who wish to put their membership on hold must sign a freeze form available at Il Centro member services. During this freeze period members will not be billed their regular monthly dues and may not use Il Centro Community Center or any of it’s programs or services. Member will be charged a fee of $15 for each month they choose to freeze. Membership will be extended 1 month for each month frozen.

Do you Offer CoEd Changing and Showering Facilities

We do not offer coed showering facilities or locker rooms. We have a family changing room on the pool deck open to families. Upon request our second-floor restrooms may be used as a family bathroom with assistance from our fitness center attendant. We do not have a family showering facility onsite.

Can i complete my membership agreement online?

Il Centro Community Center Membership Agreements must be completed in-person. Perspective members can apply online.

What documentation do I need to join?

Perspective members must bring a government issued photo identification to join.

When Am I Billed for Membership?

Membership payment is automatically processed on the 1st day of every month. We accept Master Card, Visa, and American Express for membership.

What happens to my contract after 12 months?

Membership contracts auto renew monthly after 12 months. Members who wish to end their monthly renewal must complete a cancelation form located in the Il Centro Community Center member services office 14 days before the last day of the month. 

What age can a member join?

Individual memberships are available to all. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present to complete the membership agreement.

Can I upgrade my membership from individual to family?

Members can upgrade from a 12-month individual membership to a 12-month family membership. Members can connect with the member services team for more information.

Can i change the name of the member on my membership?

Membership is non transferable. Only members who are included on the membership agreement are members.

If any member allows a non member to use their membership FIAO reserves the right to terminate or suspend the member’s privileges with no refund.

Is Il Centro Community Center A Co-Ed Facility?

Il Centro Community Center is a co-ed intergenerational non-discriminatory facility which is open to our communities’ diverse population.

What are the hours at Il Centro Community Center

Il Centro Community Center hours are subject to change. Please visit the front desk for information on current hours of operation.

At what age can members use the Fitness Center?

Members over the age of 15 can use the fitness center. 

Do you have locker rooms?

Locker rooms with showering and changing facilities are located in the second-floor fitness center and sixth-floor aquatic center. Lockers are available on a first come first serve basis. Locks must be provided by the member.

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At Il Centro Community Center, we believe in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where members can come together to celebrate their diverse cultures, prioritize their health and wellness, and connect with others who share similar interests. As a member, you'll have access to our wide range of programs and services designed to enrich your life both physically and mentally.

Step 1

Complete the Online Application

Becoming a member has never been easier!

Complete the online application for every adult over 18 who will be joining. No more lines or tedious paperwork. Join Il Centro Community Center and start enjoying our benefits!

Step 2

Tour Il Centro Community Center

Don't just imagine what it's like to be a member, come see for yourself!

After you complete the online application a member of our team will contact you to schedule a tour of the facilities. Get a firsthand look at everything we have to offer and find out why becoming a member is the best decision you'll make.

Step 3

Meet with Member Services

After your tour, meet with our member services team to complete your membership contract and start enjoying all the benefits of being part of our premier community today. Say goodbye to complicated processes and join us hassle-free.

Our membership contract must be signed in-person before facility use can take place.

Note: We only process Silver Sneakers and ReNew Active membership types on Friday.

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Don’t miss out on the amazing opportunities at Il Centro Community Center in South Brooklyn! Our facilities cater to everyone—children, adults, and seniors.