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Elevate your mind and body.

Experience a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Our yoga and meditation programs offer a variety of classes for beginners and advanced students. We believe that optimal health comes from nurturing both the body and mind, and our expert instructors are here to guide you on your journey towards total wellness.

Breathe easy and find balance with Tai Chi.

Just Breathe

Take a deep breath and find balance with Tai Chi. Our Health and Wellness Program is designed to help you connect your body and mind through ancient practices like Tai Chi. Improve your breathing techniques, reduce stress, and achieve a sense of calmness with our program.

Something For Everyone

At Il Centro Community Center, we believe that wellness is for everyone. We offer modified programs like chair yoga for differently abled members. Connect with your body and mind in a way that works best for you. Join our program today and experience the benefits of wellness, no matter your ability level.

Wellness for all, no matter the ability.

Take charge of your health and wellness.

Keep Going Strong

We believe that a healthy body and mind are essential for a happy life. That’s why we partner with Silver Sneakers and ReNew Active to offer wellness programs that help our community stay active and engaged. Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness or simply want to connect with others, Il Centro Community Center has everything you need to take charge of your health and wellness.

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Yoga & Meditation Opportunities

Chair Yoga

Nourish your mind and body with a gentle yoga class that uses a chair for support. The poses are done while sitting on or holding onto a chair. The gentle movements encourage better circulation and the standing poses, with the support of the chair, help build bone density.

Hatha Yoga

This gentle type of yoga includes breathing, basic yoga poses, and meditation. It is a slower pace and great for beginners.


Meditation is an effective method to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. In this seated class, we start with breathwork followed by gentle stretches and ending with a guided meditation.

Sculpt Yoga

Sculpt Yoga is an innovative and dynamic exercise regime that effectively fuses the balance and flexibility of power yoga with the muscle toning and sculpting of strength training. The use of hand weights adds an additional challenge and intensifies the workout, resulting in a fully comprehensive and exhilarating fitness program.

Tai Chi

This low-impact, whole-body, ancient Chinese exercise includes Qi Gong (energy nurturing) practices to further promote internal health and an overall sense of wellbeing. Tai Chi is described as “moving meditation” because it stimulates the mind, body and spirit. Its long-term benefits include improved balance, flexibility, stamina, and posture, and a sharpened mind.

Vinyasa Yoga

This flow class with fluid sequencing of poses has a strong emphasis on alignment and core strength. Great for yogis of all levels wanting to deepen their practice and for athletes looking to find greater flexibility and body balance and coordination.

Class Schedules are subject to change. Members can register for classes via Il Centro Mobile.

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