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Live the richness of culture and language.

Learn a new language and embrace a new culture.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of language and culture with our programs designed to promote diversity and tolerance. Our mission is to create stronger relationships within our multi-cultural society while preserving the traditions that make us unique. Join us and discover the joy of learning a new language and embracing a new culture.

Give Your Family The Gift of Language.

Hola! Ciao! nǐ hǎo!

Expand your horizons and immerse yourself in a new language and culture. Il Centro Community Center offers language classes in Italian, Spanish, and American Sign Language for both kids and adults. Whether you’re interested in travel, career growth, or personal enrichment, our language programs will open doors to new opportunities.

Celebrate The Neighborhood

At Il Centro Community Center, we believe in celebrating diversity and fostering a sense of community. That’s why we organize cultural events like our Lunar New Year Celebration and Eid Mubarak Festival for members to come together and experience the richness of different cultures. Join us in strengthening the ties that bind one generation to the next and creating stronger relationships within our multi-cultural society.

Experience the warmth of community through culture.

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Language Offering

Il Centro Community Center is the perfect place for those looking to broaden their linguistic horizons. Our language classes can teach you how to speak Italian, Spanish, or even American Sign Language.

American Sign Language


Our American Sign Language class is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of ASL and its nuances, helping you communicate more effectively with the deaf and hard of hearing community. Our experienced instructor uses a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on learning to ensure that you get the most out of your ASL class experience. If you’re looking for high-quality American Sign Language classes, look no further than Il Centro Community Center!



If you’re interested in learning Italian language, Il Centro is the perfect place for you. We offer Italian classes in Brooklyn for both children and adults, with beginner and intermediate levels available. Our experienced teachers will help you learn to speak Italian fluently and confidently.  At Il Centro, we understand the importance of effective communication and our Italian language classes are designed to help you achieve just that.



Get ready to say “hola” to a whole new world of opportunities!  Il Centro is the perfect place for your children to learn to speak Spanish. With our experienced teachers and immersive curriculum, they’ll quickly become fluent in this popular language. Being able to communicate effectively in Spanish can open up countless opportunities.

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Don’t miss out on the amazing opportunities at Il Centro Community Center in South Brooklyn! Our facilities cater to everyone—children, adults, and seniors.