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Swiming Lessons 

For Kids Ages 4-14

Beginner Level 1

Beginner Level 1 Swim classes are designed for kids to develop essential water skills. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, children will learn safe entry into the water, practice blowing bubbles, and master floating on both their front and back for 10 seconds with assistance of an instructor. Additionally, they will be introduced to the fun jellyfish float, and by the end of the course, they will confidently swim 2 laps with the aid of a flotation device. Safety is our priority, and we’ll ensure they learn how to exit the water securely.

Beginner Level 2

Beginner Level 2 Swim Classes build on the skills acquired in Level 1, empowering kids to further enhance their swimming abilities. Participants will refine their back and front floating techniques, while mastering the jellyfish float independently. Additionally, they’ll learn to glide in a streamlined position on both their front and back, as well as the front and back stroaks. The class will focus on developing essential water survival skills, including treading water for 30 seconds without any flotation aid. Finally, we’ll guide them to swim two laps independently, instilling confidence and competence in the water.

Intermediate Level 1

Dive into aquatic excellence with our Group Swim Intermediate Level 1 class, designed to transform young swimmers into proficient water athletes. In this dynamic program, children will master essential skills that define aquatic competence. Over the course of the program, participants will conquer the art of swimming two uninterrupted laps of freestyle and backstroke, showcasing their endurance and technique. They’ll learn to confidently tread water for a solid minute, gaining crucial water-safety skills. In addition, swimmers will perfect the art of the dolphin kick, streamline their form for front and back strokes, and even demonstrate their ability to retrieve a diving ring from the deep end of the pool. 

Intermediate Level 2

Take your child’s swimming prowess to the next level with our Group Swim Intermediate Level 2 class. In this exciting program, young swimmers will reach new heights of aquatic proficiency. By the end of this course, participants will confidently conquer four consecutive laps of freestyle and backstroke, showcasing their impressive stamina and refined strokes. They’ll also elevate their water-treading abilities, mastering the art of treading water with hands out of the water for 15 seconds. Additionally, swimmers will hone their dolphin kick, perfect front and back streamline techniques, and even showcase their strength by retrieving a 3-pound weight from the pool’s deep end.


Our Group Swim Advanced class is the ultimate platform for young swimmers to refine their aquatic skills and become true water athletes. By the end of this program, your child will exhibit an exceptional level of mastery in the pool. They will seamlessly complete six continuous laps of freestyle and backstroke, emphasizing proper form and flawless rotary breathing technique. Treading water with hands out of the water for an impressive 30 seconds will be second nature, showcasing their water-confidence. But the journey doesn’t stop there! Participants will also tackle the breaststroke and butterfly stroke, conquering four laps of each stroke, demonstrating a well-rounded and advanced swimming skill set. 

Program Fees





Program Weeks

8-Week Program
Begins: Monday, April 29th
Ends: Monday, June 24th 

No Classes Monday, May 27th – Make Up Date Monday, June 24th

Program Schedule

Swimming Program Safety

Health & safety

Our facilities are cleaned and sanitized daily. Masks are not required for participants.

No Adults on the Swim Deck

Caregivers and adults are unable to stand or watch their children from the swim deck.

Lifeguards on Duity

Our team of lifeguards are trainind and certified by the Red Cross.

Swim Cap Required

All participants must wear a swim cap to cover their hair in the pool.


What to bring

Swim Lessons CHECKLIST


Clean Towel


Swim Cap


Swim Goggles


Change of clothing


Shoes for the pool deck


Sneakers & socks


Water bottle

We require the participants name be clearly marked on all personal items. We are not responsible for any lost items.

Swimming Lessons 



No, we do not offer any discounts.


Yes, children are required to change themselves in our locker rooms. Children are required to be placed in a level. If a child is misplaced in a level, we will make every effort to try to place them but cannot guarantee a placement will be available. Refunds will NOT be given to those placed in the incorrect level.


Non-members can register for our swim program. 

Does my child need to bring a personal flotation device?

No, we provided all the personal flotation devices needed – no outside PFD or pool toys are allowed in the pool.


Full payment is due at the time of registration.


No, after registration no cancellation or refund is given. If a child is misplaced in a level, we will make every effort to try to place them but cannot guarantee a placement will be available. Refunds will NOT be given to those placed in the incorrect level.


We have a family changing area on the swim deck. These areas do not have access to showering and lavatory facilities. We do not have family showring or lavatory facilities onsite. 

Do you offer makeup classes?

No, our swim schedule and groups are set. Each session has specific make up dates for dates when the center or pool are closed. If we have to close for unforeseen circumstances like lighting in the are we will reschedule the class.

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