a letter from our president


Dear Members, Donors, Volunteers, and Friends,

As we gather for Thanksgiving this year, I wish to extend to each of you my deepest appreciation for the unwavering support you have given to our nonprofit organization. Your collective efforts have not only allowed us to thrive but have become the driving force behind the positive impact we continue to make in our community.

Your dedication to FIAO’s mission goes far beyond preserving heritage and providing services—it’s building a legacy of positive change in our vibrant, multicultural society.

Michael LaCombe, a longtime member of our community center, aptly captures the essence of our services and programs: “The breadth of programs you offer, the improved signup procedures, and the general quality of the classes are great. The facility itself has always been amazing in a part of the city that doesn’t have a lot of amenities like Il Centro. We’ll keep coming for a long while. Thanks to you all for your hard work!”

Thank you for supporting our free legal, social, and counseling services which have recently been augmented by the Mental Health Art Therapy sessions. These services continue to leave a lasting impact on the well-being of community members from various backgrounds.

Mary Glicksman beautifully articulates the value of our senior program: “The center is a place to make friends, gather with each other & share our experiences. Having a place to go, especially for seniors, gives us a reason to look forward to each day as we enjoy what it offers. Everyone needs a reason to get up in the morning and feel an urgency to make it the best day we can.” Thank you, public elected officials, private donors, and volunteers, for your commitment to our senior program as it boosts the quality of life of thousands by fostering a sense of connection, activity, and joy.

The contributions from these private and public sectors have also helped to solidify our state-of-the-art Centro as a hub of innovation and sustainability. The upcoming building enhancements of the teaching kitchen and rooftop garden/event space will strengthen our community through the universal language of cuisine and a bit of nature in our urban environment.

A heartfelt thanks to our treasured members for your active participation in the vibrant activities at Il Centro. Your creativity, enthusiasm, and respectful interaction make the center a dynamic and inclusive community hub where each individual works to enrich the lives of all.

In this season of gratitude, on behalf of the FIAO Directors and Staff, I extend our thanks to each of you. May your Thanksgiving be filled with peaceful joy and cherished moments.


Jack Spatola
FIAO President

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FIAO is committed to promoting and preserving the Italian-American culture, providing educational opportunities to youth, and offering essential social services to those in need. With your help, we can continue to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families in our community. Whether you make a one-time donation or become a monthly supporter, your contribution will help FIAO continue its vital work. Join us in making a difference and supporting our mission today!